Timestamp Wrong on Your Post? You’re Not the Only One!

On the morning after RA3 was due, I found four emails from students in my inbox. All of them said essentially the same thing: that they posted RA3 on time (while it was still October 14), but that the blog incorrectly claimed that it had been posted on October 15th, a day late.

I believe you. Don’t worry.

But here’s what I suspect is happening: I bet WordPress thinks you live in a different timezone than you actually do. And fixing it is easy:

1. Go to the dashboard of your blog. (I usually go to wordpress.com > log in > My blogs > Blog Admin, but there are lots of ways to get there.)

2. From the dashboard screen, click “Settings” in the left column, toward the bottom.

3. On the settings screen, look for Timezone, and select “UTC-5” from the drop-down. (This means that you live five hours before Coordinated Universal Time, which is pretty much the same as Greenwich Mean Time, over in England.) (If you want to see people argue over details that you probably don’t care about, check out the UTC talk page…. Gracious.)


You’re done! Fixing this probably won’t go back and fix the timestamp on your post (though it might–I’m not sure). But it should fix any future posts.

So why is this a problem all of a sudden, but not for previous projects? I suspect it’s because you’ve never had a deadline close to midnight before, so it didn’t matter. Here’s how you can think about it:


Um, at least that’s how I think it works. Feel free to contradict me. (Or praise my awesome skills in Paint.)

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