How to Predict Your Final Grade

If you’d like to do some educated guessing about what your final grade will be, this is the post for you.

I’ve made a simple spreadsheet to help you calculate your grade; it’s right here. (It’s .xlsx format, made in Excel.)

It’s easy: log into Moodle to find your grades in each category, then return to the spreadsheet and fill in what you found in Moodle, and then guess what you think you might get on the rest. (You can’t leave anything blank, or it won’t work.)


The Big Picture: How the Two Halves of Class Fit Together

After we return from fall break, the assignments you complete in RHET 351 will be quite different. To help you understand how the first half of class fits with the second half, I made this image. Feel free to comment below if anything is confusing!

Image showing the assignments in the first and second halves of class